Make Money with Micro Streaming Websites [$10K/Month]


Disclaimer: Before you’re telling me that I’m going to jail for this or get sued. Please stop. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m doing fine. I know what I'm doing. Most people say streaming niche is saturated and not worth doing it. Well thanks for that. Less competition for me then :D The thing is, there's still money to be made from a micro streaming site. The reason I like this niche is because it's almost running in autopilot and doesn't require a lot of articles, maintenance, expenses, etc. Just wanna let you know that I did not upload/host the actual stuff. I listed links from hoster sites. So how do I make money from this? I posted a clickbait intro for a few seconds and then a signup page will pop up and then I lead them to my affiliate link. Simple as that. How to drive traffic? Organic Traffic Basically, you are after long tail keywords but not a broad topic. You need to find something more specific. For example, if you love Marvel then you build a streaming site related to it. You love NBA? Then build a site about it. The key here is to find low competition keywords with high search volume. Yes, keyword research is very crucial here. And one more important thing, you have to rank your homepage. Not your inners! because they will get DMCA sooner or later. In this case your homepage will survive and you’ll get all traffic from there. I hope it makes sense.

1. YouTube

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YouTube Create a tutorial video on how to streaming live. Use a recording screen app then record your own screen and create a step by step guide / tutorial. So let's say you have a premier league site, then create a tutorial about it.
I prefer to rank the videos on Google than Youtube. But you can do both if you want. I usually sent hundreds of low quality public blog network backlinks to them and optimize the onpage. 

2. Pinterest

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Pinterest Create a free account on Pinterest. Upload your URL link. Make sure your Title is keyword rich, add a long description and related tags. Pinterest can rank on Google too. You can find this page on Top 10 Google for keyword like “the avengers full movie” which has 49,5k volume search per month. You can also follow this guide to drive traffic from Pinterest itself. 

3. Facebook

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Facebook This guy already explained it so well on how to drive traffic from Facebook Groups for streaming site You can also rank your Facebook page on Google. Just type the keyword I mentioned above and you’ll find it on Top 10 Google.

The Result? 

I used several networks to spread earnings (CPM and CPA). Remember, never put all your eggs in one basket. Below is the result last month (April 2019) from one site with Mediahub. (not included pop under)

Monthly Expenses?
Offshore SSD VPS = $60
Domain = $1.4
Filler content = $20
WordAi Turing group buy = $15
VA for Tier 1 links = $30
Tier 2 links = $24
PBN maintenance = $53
Keywords tracker = $4

Total = $207.4

Profit = $10,909 - $207.4 = $10,701.6/month!
Now let’s say you rinse and repeat the same process and build more micro sites like this (which I already did). You’re gonna bank hard! 

Make Money with Micro Streaming Websites [$10K/Month]