How to Get 4000 Hour Watch Time on YouTube

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I tried this method one week ago and kept waiting to check if the views dropped but still they are intact. It is relatively simple method.

Step 1:
Download a CC video from youtube which should be 3 hours long or up to 10 hours long. You might be wondering what kind of video that can be so let me tell you. Just search "waterfall voice 3 hours" or "fan voice 10 hours" and you will get a lot of search results.

Step 2:
Upload the video and then buy 500 -1000 views from one of the panels in the sales area. I personally used Followiz HR views which had retention up to 70%. After 3 days you will check that your watch time is completed up to 4000 hours.

I am attaching my screenshot here since I got the watch time up to 2k hours as I only bought 500 views.

Additional Information:
I bought 500 views but now my video has 716 views which means that those 500 views might have got me ranked. Max of the views came from the YouTube search and recommended videos so it looked safe.

I haven't got any Subscriber so far. Maybe it is due to the CC videos. Anyone can recommend.

How to Get 4000 Hour Watch Time on YouTube